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About me.

I am a Belgrade based graphic designer. During the past 10 years of my career I specialised in brands and identities, art direction and WordPress website design.

I would say, one of the important things about design in general is empathy. Anyone involved in creating or designing a consumer facing product, service, or business should have a greater understanding of customer desires, needs, or feelings. We have to listen. We need to put the ego aside. Also, observing, analysing, finding a solution and creating an idea that would later be elaborated are all important steps and part of this process. This certainly cannot be easy. We also have to adhere to design standards that directly intersect with all of this. And make logo bigger.

And then they say it’s easy to be a designer.

Designers draw their creativity and inspiration from everyday life, from traveling, architecture and interior design (in my case), pop culture, music and television. Observation is crucial here. Curiousness. Research. Asking questions. 

Design has standards, systems and rules, but it’s fluid and constantly changing under the influence of current trends, technological and human development, politics and needs.

“The process of creativity is not easily come by, nor are all its phases easy to endure. We should then perhaps be prepared to discover that those who have high potential as well as those who have demonstrated true creativity will show a disposition to undertake problems where the degree of difficulty and frustration is great and will have a drive towards competition and accomplishment that is persistently strong.” –  Donald W. MacKinnon

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